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Bullet L1 L2 Antennas

Bullet GPS L1/L2 Antenna

More details

  • Dual Frequency – GPS L1 and L2 bands
  • Weatherproof housing
  • Extended temperature range (-40°C / +85°C)
  • High gain 35±3dB
  • Filtering for RF Jamming environments
  • Available in 3.3V (TNC) or 5V (TNC or F)
  • RoHS-II Compliant

Dual Band (DB) – GPS L1 & L2
The Trimble® Bullet dual band GPS L1/L2 antenna is designed specifically to address the need of “critical infrastructure sectors” of the economy.

GNSS timing application will benefit from increased signal availability, L1/L2 redundancy and elimination of atmospheric effects using dual frequencies techniques.

Put it anywhere

The antenna is housed in weatherproof packaging designed to withstand exposure to shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, rain, snow and sunlight

The dome is all plastic, and the threaded socket in the base of the antenna. The socket accepts either a 1”-14” straight threat (typical marine antenna mount) or a 3/4” pipe thread.

The F-type or TNC antenna connector is located inside the threaded socket, which allows the antenna cable to be routed inside a mounting pole and protects the cable connection.

Strong Performance
The Bullet dual band antenna is an active GPS L1 and L2 bands antenna with 35dB preamp (5V DC), 30dB preamp (3.3 VDC). The high-gain preamp allows the Bullet DB antenna to be used with up to 75 feet of RG-58 or RG-59 cable. The Bullet DB filtering improves impunity to other RF signals for reliable performance in hostile RF jamming environments.

Proven Reliability
For over 20 years, Trimble has sold GPS antennas renowned for their survivability in tough environments. The Bullet dual band antenna is the fifth generation of the proven Bullet antenna family and offers all the reliability and performance benefits that are required for mission critical installations.

In unforgiving environments, an antenna failure could be disastrous. Don’t risk it. Select a proven GNSS antenna – the Trimble Bullet DB antenna.

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Data Sheet for Bullet L1 L2

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