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SatGen V3

The SatGen software will help creating Scenarios to be re-play on LabSat 3.

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Creating a scenario with SatGen v3 is easy. A relatively complicated route can be defined in just a few clicks, leaving the software to automatically generate a fully realistic scenario. If you have an NMEA or KML file of your route, you can simply import this directly into the software. Alternatively you can create a scenario from scratch, either by creating a route in Google maps, or by building a unique trajectory using simple user defined commands with the SatGen v3 software.


Data Sheet for the SatGenV3 Software

Download (613.56k)


Manual for the SatGenV3 Software

Download (1.43M)
SatGen V3 Single Constellation 64Bit SoftwareRLLSSGSW03-1
SatGen V3 Dual Constellation 64Bit SoftwareRLLSSGSW03-2
SatGen V3 Triple Constellation 64Bit SoftwareRLLSSGSW03-3